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A silky easily spread sunscreen for the face. 

Protect&Care SPF50+ Sunscreen Cream combines non-nano physical titanium dioxide and best-in-class UVA and UVB chemical filters (Tinosorb and Uvinul) to provide broad-spectrum protection.


Benefits of using Protect & Care SPF50+ Sunscreen Cream:

• Enhances skin barrier function

• Provides wide spectrum UVA and UVB protection

• Keep the skin moist for 72 hours from the first application

• No White residue and sticky feeling

• Non- comedogenic, doesn’t cause breakouts.

Suitable for: All skin types including oily and combination.


**All the Evolvy products are formulated by the skin pharmacist, manufactured in small batches in our GMP compliant laboratory.

**All the Evolvy products are manufactured with natural, vegan, botanical ingredients and are not tested on animals.


SPF 50+ Natural & Vegan Sunscreen Cream - PROTECT & CARE SUN