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Metabolic Multi 

The specialty targets multivitamin offers bioactive vitamins and bioavailable forms of plant extracts and 5-MTHF to support metabolic health, including energy levels. Featuring berberine to support macronutrient metabolism and GreenSelect® Green Tea Phytosome® for thermogenic support, Metabolic Multi includes 38 nutrients at optimal levels to ensure patients get exactly what doctors recommend.


Appely Ever After 

Say goodbye to cravings and after-meal bloating with our organic apple cider vinegar tablets, boosted with botanicals to support healthy stomach acidity and better digestion.  Appley Ever After can help you feel more satisfied after eating and less likely to put your hand in the snack bowl.


Vegan Protein Shake - Chocolate or Vanilla 

Vegan Protein is comprised of a natural Pea Protein Isolate lending a high level of nourishment along with clinical functionality for a broad range of applications. The blend of Flax and Hemp lend to the high degree of bioavailability inherent to this formula. This great tasting protein powder is rounded out with a stable probiotic to aid in digestive support.

• Comprised of three rich protein sources

• Gluten & Soy Free

• A plant based alternative source of protein

• Vegetarian and easily digested by people of all ages

• Features 1 billion CFU of a stable probiotic

• Easy to mix, which makes it great for smoothies

• Smooth in texture so that it does not leave behind mouth “grit”


Weight Management Bundle