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Alpine Apothecary is a full service pharmacy with all the amenities of a traditional pharmacy and the added benefit of our compounding lab!  From your kids, to pets to you, we can make custom prescriptions to fit your entire families needs and also offer many natural medicine options as well. 

Available in stock are a great selection of professional supplement lines, featuring Ortho Molecular and the full line of doTERRA essential oils.   

Located just inside the doors of Super 1 in Whitefish makes us very accessible and easy to find.   

As an independently owned family pharmacy we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and personal attention to each of our customers. No request is too small, we aim to help you

with all your pharmaceutical and healthcare needs.

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PharmD, Pharmacist Owner

Becky and her husband Josh took ownership of the pharmacy in 2014 after working there as an employee for years.   She is a University of Montana School of Pharmacy graduate in 2001 and a Montana native.  Born in Whitefish and raised in Eureka she values community and hometown pharmacy, getting her first job in the Flathead from Haines Drug in downtown Whitefish.    Becky enjoys camping and sunshine in the summer and is currently learning to drive the Zamboni in the winter at our two local ice rinks.  



PharmD, Staff Pharmacist

Leila graduated from the University of Montana School of Pharmacy in 2003 with her Doctorate of Pharmacy.   SHe loves hiking, climbing, biking and all things outdoors.  You can find her on many of her days off in Glacier Park exploring!   



CPhT, Retail Pharmacy Technician

Lisa joined our team in 2019 after 10+ years as a pharmacy technician.  She has experience in retail pharmacy, long term care pharmacy service and billing as well as expertise in inventory management.  Lisa enjoys attending concerts and live music as well as summertime floating of our Flathead Valley rivers!

Laura Ramirez


CPhT, Compounding Pharmacy Technician

Laura joined our team in 2022 as our lead compounding technician.  She started her career in pharmacy in 2016 and enjoys making our compounded medications.  Laura loves photography and to crochet   In the summertime you can find her camping and boating and in the wintertime exploring in her Jeep! 

Sydney Cole CPhT.jpg


CPhT, Retail Pharmacy Technician

Sydney joined our team in 2023 after working as a pharmacy technician for a large grocery store chain.  She has experience as a pharmacy technician as well as in family practice medical records.  She is a Flathead Valley native and enjoys being in a smaller, more personalized practice location.  



CPhT, Compounding Pharmacy Technician

Sjuana joined our team in 2023 as a Certified Pharmacy Technician with a background in surgical technology.   Her attention to detail and systems made her a natural fit for our complex tasks in the compound lab.  Sjuana loves photography and you'll see her around the Flathead Valley at various sporting events catching action shots for local teams as Sjuana's Sport Shots.  

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