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Better Pharmacy Care is Here
You don't have to compromise quality of service when you pick your pharmacy.  Alpine Apothecary brings you personalized compounding, traditional prescriptions and hometown care - from people who truly invest in your wellbeing.  
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Switching is easy and headache-free.  We handle all of the hard parts so that one call is all that's needed to get started. 
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Stop wasting half your day waiting at the pharmacy or trying to contact them.   Experience no lines, easy text messaging to contact us and communication that's proactive to save you time.
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It IS possible to have a relaxing and helpful pharmacy.  Imagine the pharmacy experience actually being easy for a change.
"I spent 45 minutes waiting at the drive-thru pharmacy, only to find out they didn't bother to let me know they didn't have what I needed in stock." 

We hear you.  Many healthcare services have been industrialized, commoditized and sterilized - and pharmacies are no exception.  If you've ever been disappointed by the experience at a chain store pharmacy, we can help.  

Have you experienced...

Wasted Time

One could argue that time is our most precious commodity, and we would agree!  Waiting 5-6 cars deep in a pharmacy drive-thru is neither convenient nor acceptable to us.  Experience rare lines to pick up, quick 15-minute filling of prescriptions and time saving communication from our pharmacy via text.   

If we are out of something, we let you know.

If there is an insurance problem, we let you know.  

If we can save you time or money, we will let you know! 

Bait-and-Switch Chain Store Pricing

Big chain pharmacy does NOT equal price savings.  Often, it's the opposite and we are here to help.  Your insurance may not be the most cost-effective option when filling your prescription, we make sure you are getting the best deal and the right medications to take home.  

Example:  ondansetron 4mg #30  $18.99 with us and $175.98 with a local chain store.  YIKES! 

Sterile Service

Often pharmacies seem like conveyor belts for medications.  We know there is more to filling a prescription, like speaking to your pharmacist to ask questions and understand what you've been prescribed.  At other stores if you have questions it's a pipe dream to talk to someone and you are left to the internet full of misinformation.  At Alpine we are available and happy to talk to you like a real human, with feelings and frustrations of being sick.  

Recycled Paper
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"I had heard friends and family say that CBD was doing great things for their health but I was reluctant to go to a dispensary.  When I realized I could get professional quality CBD from my Pharmacist I knew I found the right product to use and trust." 


Not sure where to start or what to use

There are so many options available for CBD ranging from topical application, to oral, to under the tongue.  Many do not know where to start or how much to use, let alone if it's right for them.  Our pharmacists are trained and can help you maximize your dollars spent to get the most benefit that you are looking for.

Inconsistent Quality 

The CBD industry isn't regulated like pharmaceuticals.  The quality control isn't as stringent and what you think you are buying isn't always the case.   Our Professional CBD alleviates this issue with our lab verified products that are the only ones our pharmacists will use! 

Contaminated Products

The hemp plant is a bio-accumulator...fancy for soil cleansing.  It reliably absorbs pesticides and heavy metals from its surroundings but is not able to efficiently eliminate them.  This is great if you want to get pesticides and heavy metals out of your land but bad when you plan to use the hemp to support your body.  Our CBD is grown on US soil and is tested to be certain there are no pesticides or heavy metals present.  


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