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NEW YEAR...NEW YOU...that gives me the ick!

All the content out there about NEW YEAR...NEW YOU...I don't buy into it and you shouldn't either!




and do you need a whole NEW you?

Let's say you are like 38% of Americans and do decide to make giant, sweeping resolutions, goals and changes...then what? What happens when you become like 25% of those people and break it in a week...uggg, then you're a failure right? NOOOOOO.

What IS true, is that the new year is a continuation of your story, the exact place you are and the starting point for what is to come. Maybe there is growth, maybe there is change, maybe there are a lot of things to do and be, but stop with the pressure already! Embrace life and love yourself, extend grace and make choices one by one that lead you to a life by design. As a pharmacist we see small actions become big change and we hear stories of regret from actions not taken.

This is my call out to you, don't live with regret.

Year round road trip around the USA
Vision Board Road Trip

I am a firm believer in vision boards. You are what you see and do over and over. Grab a poster board and print pictures that you love. Do you have goals to work for, do you have priorities that are important, think BIG life things, BIG life hopes, BIG life dreams. As you see it over and over, it becomes a reality without you even trying. Each day you make small decisions that support what your brain sees, and before you know it, it's coming true! If something gives you the "ick", as my daughter says, TRUST yourself, it's not for you. That part of your brain gave you that feeling isn't wrong, it's your safety net!

Today is your day, this is your year, this is your LIFE and you only get one of them.

Go out there and LIVE your next chapter of your story!

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