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Be Kind Pharmacist

So what would a Pharmacist in Montana have to offer the world? Well I'm not sure but I get asked so many crazy, but simple, questions every day I think it's time to share those with the world. It may be a small world but here we go....

First, the ground rules...

1. I am TERRIBLE at spelling...when you see it, just chuckle and go on. Great a math, not so great at spelling.

2. I love the . . . and !!! (refer back to great at math, not so great at grammer)

3. I am openly honest and sometimes I just don't know the answer...and that's ok, we are all learning as we go. (refer to statement 2 if the ... bothers you)

4. I promise to be open, honest and real with you. I am a real person, a real human and have real feelings. As my car decal says...BE KIND <3.

Second, that is to come...stay tuned friends.

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